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Exciting times for our film as it continues in the festival circuit! Below is the most up to date list of festival screenings, nominations & awards. Check in again soon for more news or follow our page on facebook for regular updates


***Indie Cork Film Festival, 2016***  9th – 16th Oct – Cork, Ireland

***FINALIST & Special Mention for Film Editing – Roma Cinema DOC, 2016*** – Rome, Italy

***World of Film Festival, 2016***  29th Sept – 2nd Oct – Glasgow, Scotland

***SEMI FINALIST for Best International Short Film – Swedish International Film Festival, 2016***

***MERIT AWARD for Best Short – Indiefest Film Awards, 2016***

***MERIT AWARD for Women Filmmakers – Indiefest Film Awards, 2016***

***Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival, 2016***  Dates Tbc – India

***Castellaneta Film Festival, 2016***  16th July – Puglia, Italy

***MERIT AWARD for Best Drama – International New York Film Festival, 2015***

***WINNER of Best Experimental Film – Los Angeles Cinefest (Feb) 2016***

***NOMINATED for Best Experimental Film – TMC London Film Festival, 2016***

***NOMINATED for Best Experimental Film – Lisbon International Film Festival, 2016***

***WINNER of Best Sound – Wolves Independent Film Festival (winter) 2016***

***WINNER of Best Director – Wolves Independent Film Festival (winter) 2016***

***Seattle Irish Reels Film Festival, 2016*** 7th-9th October – Seattle, USA

***Arts & Cinema Corner, Women Deliver 4th Global Conference, 2016*** 16th-19th May – Copenhagen, Denmark

***The Royal Film Festival, 2016*** 18th-19th March – Benton, USA

***WINNER of Best Experimental Film – Seadance Film Festival (Jan) 2016***

***MMP Belgium Online Short Film Festival, 2016*** date TBC  – Belgium

***Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, 2016*** date TBC  – USA

***Women’s Director International Film Festival, 2016*** April 3rd-10th  – New Dehli, India

***Dingle International Film Festival, 2016*** March date TBC  – Kerry, Ireland

***Shortfest International Film Festival, 2016*** February 19th-21st  – Malta

***OFFICIAL FINALIST – London Film Awards, 2015***

***Los Angeles Independant Film Festival Awards, 2015*** 12th December  – Los Angeles, USA

***Waterford Film Festival, 2015*** 6th November  – Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford

***Worcestershire Film Festival, 2015*** 7pm, 6th November  – Worcester Arts Workshop, Worcestershire, UK

***WINNER of the Grand Jury Prize – Worcestershire Film Festival 2015***

***Braunschweig International Film Festival, 2015** 5pm, 5th November – LOT Theatre, Braunschweig, Germany

***NOMINATED for Best Connection of Sound & Image –

Braunschweig International Film Festival, 2015***

***Richard Harris International Film Festival, 2015** 22nd-25th October – Limerick

***Sky Road TV & Film Festival, 2015*** 4:00 pm, 10th October  – Station House Theatre, Clifden, Co. Galway

***Clare Island Film Festival, 2015*** 18th – 20th September – Clare Island, Ireland

***Underground Cinema Film Festival, 2015*** 11th September – Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

***NOMINATED for Best Cinematography – Underground Cinema Awards 2015***

***Galway Film Fleadh, 2015 – Short Film Slam*** 3:30pm, 12th July – Radisson Hotel, Galway

***Corti Da Sogni International Film Festival, 2015*** 11:20pm, 15th May – Teatro Rasi, Ravenna, Italy

***NOMINATED for the European Fiction Award and Most Creative Short Film***

***Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival, 2015*** 2pm, 21st May – Adelphi Cinema, Schull

***Belfast Film Festival, 2015*** 4pm, 25th April – Queens Film Theatre, Belfast 

***WINNER of Kildare Arts Council Film Bursary Award, 2013***

***SECOND PRIZE for Best Script – Waterford Film Festival, 2010***


In the time following the completion of In Ribbons, industry professionals have kindly reviewed the film and have shared their comments with our team and our supporters. Please find these below. Any other reviews made in the coming while during the film’s festival run will be published here also.

“The piece has a lovely poetic quality. The use of light is terrific…it was extremely moody and well delivered.There was great assurance in the pace also. It took its time, which is really hard to do.” PETER SHERIDAN – Playwright, Screenwriter and Director

“What a beautiful, evocative film. Stunning imagery and a chilling twist at the halfway mark. A terrific achievement and best of all, the story is told entirely visually – a true work of originality and verve. Congratulations.” FERDIA MAC ANNA -Novelist and Filmmaker

“In Ribbons is a soft sad melody of a film. Visually beautiful, thoughtfully written, poetic and tragic, it’s haunting lilt touches you and stays with you.” FRANK KELLY – Filmmaker

“A beautiful film that has the courage to see things only through the eyes of a child and has the courage to say only what is necessary.” JOHN MACKENNA – Novelist and Playwright

“In Ribbons is well written, creative and subtle in its direction and approach and well produced with no false notes! Very well done.” CATHAL BLACK – Filmmaker

“Childhood is a unique and defining experience we all share. However for many of us the memories of our early years dwindle quickly. Those handfuls of half-remembered experiences take on a dreamlike quality that barely resembles real truth upon reflection. Jeantelot’s film is filmed entirely from the first hand perspective of little Laurie. This is portrayed through the use of a constant point-of-view perspective throughout. What could easily become a tiresome gimmick is used consistently and evocatively instead.

If you’ve forgotten what it is like to be a child, this is the film that will bring it screaming back to you. You see everything in broad strokes and notice the inane details in the surface of everyday objects, but you can’t quite give anything a proper context. The actions and motives of adults and even other children are foreign to you. Jeantelot reminds us of all of this through the choice use of lighting and editing that translates to adults the raw visual and auditory sensuality of the world according to a child. The script and actors also give us little to understand events with, thus providing us true insight into a child with no comprehension into her overwhelming surroundings either.

In Ribbons is initially an excellent film that is both pleasing for technical appreciation and lovers of nostalgia, but becomes so much more than that even when it doesn’t necessarily have to, especially given the heights it’s already achieved. Jeatelot’s narrative builds into a tragic conclusion all through the eyes of a child that has no idea what is going on. The film manages to evoke the horrible gut feeling of suffering injustice when you’re too young to even contextualise one’s own emotions. At some point every child suffers something they did not earn and have no control over. Jeatelot perfectly encapsulates that awful powerlessness.” TOM FISK – Reviewer – Worcestershire Film Festival


In Ribbons is featured in this year’s edition of Cinewomen Cahiers. This in depth interview with Director-Editor Marie-Valerie and Writer-Producer Caroline Farrell has given us the opportunity to share our thoughts on the story and filmmaking process.

Cinewomen Official selection - Marie-Valerie Jeantelot


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